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Sewer Line Replacement and Repairs

We provide full service of sewer line replacement and repairs, including video camera inspection, excavation, permit, authorized plumbers, manual diggers, project management, sod installers and all the other tasks required to complete the job to your satisfaction. 


Sewer Line Replacement and Repairs

The sewer lines system used for homes is designed to drain the residual water and sewage to the main city drainage line or to a local

The home sewage system is can be connected to the city line or it can be autonomous. 

In any case, if the sewage system is blocked or partial blocked, you have to take immediate measures to resolve the blockage before becoming a hazard to your house or to you and your family.

There are various options to repair your sewage system, depending on the nature of the blockage. We use the latest technology in pipe video inspection to identify the most cost effective way to repair the blockage.


As sewage overflow or back-flow is a liability that might be covered by the Insurance. You have to have coverage for sewage overflow or back-flow in order for you to be compensated for any of these types of incidents.

The smell and gases that are spread in the whole house can be a healthy hazard and can induce vomiting, lack of appetite, anxiety and respiratory problems.

The restoration process can induce various operations that generates dust, gases, noise and smelts that might be uncomfortable or hazardous.

Early detection of drainage issues can avoid expensive bills to cover damage created by bursting sewage pipes or flooding your basement.

You can avoid flooding your house by starting with a drainage pipe video inspection and based on results, partially repair or fully replace the whole sewage line, trap and breather. This will give you peace of mind and a well working sewage system.

Pros and Cons

Early versus Late Sewer Line Replacement and Repairs 

Damage Control

What to do and what not to do when you have a sewage over-flow flood

If you are affected by a sewage over-flow or back-flow you should stop using any faucet, shower, toilet, washing machine or any other plumbing fixture that generates water in the draining pipes. Please be aware that any water that is going on the drainage system would potentially overflow in your house due to a sewage blockage.
If you see water or wetness on the floor, around the floor drainage, it is a sign of partial or total blockage, as water overflow when the water volume is high in the drainage system and drains slowly after the water volume reduces.

Should you see any signs of over-flow drainage, call a certified plumber to identify the issue and resolve it in a timely fashion.

The insurance agency is not covering the fixing of a drainage system, rater than the damage generated by the clogged drainage pipes. 

A delay in resolving a partially clogged drainage may result in forming gases, mold, bad smell and increase humidity that can spread in the whole house.

If you have extensive overflow or back-flow incident in your basement please refer to the Back-Flow Damage Control.


Early versus Late Sewer Line Replacement and Repairs 

The cost for Late Sewer Line Replacement and Repairs can be between $10,000-$40,000. 

The cost for Early Sewer Line Replacement and Repairs can be less than half $3,000-$15,000. 

How Can we Help You?

Sewer Line Replacement and Repairs 

We offer a full range of services for drain roto cleaning, snaking sewer lines using Ridgid K-60 heavy duty drain machines with 7/8" cables where we can attach different heads to cut grease or tree roots penetrating old clay pipes.

In order to repair or fully replace broken, clogged drain lines, we do inside or outside excavations, by hand or using machinery where is possible.

We also offer using trench-less replacement of drain lines by using Hydraulic or Pneumatic Pipe Burst technology, which allows to install a brand new piping. This is not the epoxy, lining of the pipes (Forma-drain), it is an actual full replacement of the old pipes. Hydraulic Pipe Burst can work with any kind of pipe, 4"or 6", clay or plastic or cast-iron kind.


We do strongly recommend full removal of old Building Trap and Breather (those pipes with like a mushroom cap sometimes you'll see on front yard) because this is one of the main cause for sewage floods and backups.

We are responsible to call for Utilities Location before we dig.

We offer a 25 YEARS FULL WARRANTY for the pipes we replace. We use the latest technology, RIDGID VIDEO CAMERA inspections before and after pipe replacement and provide pictures or videos at request.

We provide discounts to first home owners, senior citizens and new clients. Existing clients receive a bonus points that can be used with the next plumbing job.

. Call us for more details or a FREE ESTIMATE.


Fixed overflow sewage in basement

We had a mid overflow in basement due to a root penetration through the main sewage line in front of the house. We looked at reviews and Valentin was among the few with such consistently good reviews. We are glad we found him as he came within hours and gave as by far the best price for inspecting the issue and  he game a discount to fix it. He managed and worked along with his team, excavating, and replacing the broken pipe. He protected the pipe along the tree roots to ensure root penetration won't be a problem in the future. i'm very happy with Strong Plumbing services, I already recommend them to all my friends.

George McFarlen in Toronto

Sewer Line Replacement and Repairs Works

Working Tools

Drain Line Video Inspection is is used with a modern video equipment that is inserted in the interior of the pipe that needs to be inspected - this is a form of non-destructive testing. A small diameter drainage pipe will typically have a clean-out access at the far end and will be usually very long, terminating at a manhole. Additional collector pipes may discharge at this manhole and a pipe will carry the effluent to the next manhole, and so forth to a pump station or treatment plant.

Fixing a clogged sewer pipe can be done with or without the need for excavation. Usually excavation is required when we have broken pipes, roots penetrating through pipes and other incidents where unclogging is not sufficient to resolve the problem long term. If excavation is required, you or your plumber need to contact city to scan for any other previously installed pipes or electrical wires.


Raja in Mississauga

Broken and clogged sewage line

We had this issue where overflowing water from basement floor drainage happen usually when we were flushing the toilet and when my wife was using the washing machine. He came and propose the Video Camera Drainage Inspection. He gave me a great price. After clear evidence of the situation he gave me the best price for the excavation and fixing the pipe and I' happy now that he took care of this job very well. My drainage system works well now and I couldn't be happier with his services. Strong Plumbing is the best plumbing company that I experienced so far. I highly recommend them to anybody that needs plumbing services.


Professional. Fast. Reliable. Find out what Strong Plumbing Inc can do for your plumbing needs. Contact us with questions, describe your project and say goodbye to your plumbing problems. Please email us or even better send a text message to (416) 258-4068. We'll try our best to get back to you ASAP, we are trying hard to really be 24/7. Your privacy is extremely important to us. The trust placed in us by our customers is absolutely essential to our success. We understand that and do all we can to earn and protect that trust. We do not share your personal information with any outside companies nor collect any information



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