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BackWater Valve Installation

Backwater valve is a plumbing system used to stop sewage water from flowing backwards in the house when sewage level raises above the basement draining level during floods or blockage.



Backwater valve was invented to prevent basement flooding in the event of heavy rain when water level in the sewage surpasses the sewage capacity and reverse the normal house drainage  flow. In this scenario the rain water will put pressure on the house sewage lines, pushing the sewage back in the house and usually making the floor drains overflow. This even is capable of damaging the floor and will contaminate anything that gets in contact with. Usually after a basement flooding with sewage, the basement has to be rebuilt 50% and all furniture or rugs have to be inspected and if not fit to keep have to be disposed of.

Pros and Cons

Sewage backflow versus BackWaterValve Install

This is a liability that might be covered by the Insurance, even though you have to have the coverage for sewage backflow in order for you to be compensated for this type of incident.

The discomfort, gases and the smell that is spread in the whole house can be a healthy hazard and can induce vomiting, lack of appetite, anxiety and respiratory problems.

Damage Control

What to do and what not to do when you have a sewage back-flow flood

If you are affected by a sewage back-flow you have to stop the electricity in the basement, including the furnace. This will stop or minimize spreading the smell in the whole house and would make your stay in the house more acceptable. A wet towel should be placed in plastic bags and properly sealed so they won't leak water on the floor or infiltrate  in the door and use it to block the airflow from under the basement door.

You can use painting tape to seal the basement door all around.

Before sealing the basement door, make sure you are removing any value item from the basement as the sewage contaminated water may damage it.

If you are not sure of where the electrical circuits designated for furnace and basement are positioned, please call a specialist plumber in sewage back-flow to advise and help with the sewage back-flow situation.

Under any circumstance do not walk through the flooded basement without insulated rubber boots and a respiratory mask as you could be exposed to various life threatening hazard like electrical shock, contact respiratory disease through aero bacteria contamination, concussions due to slip and fall and other.

As many sewage back-flow  incidents occur  every year, mostly in the spring and autumn, city authorities decided to introduce the backwater valve as mandatory in the new constructions and to stop building garages under the street level as to avoid large volume of water to enter the house. Another measure meant to avoid extensive water damage or to minimize the effect of a water flooding scenario is to install water drainage pit in the basement to pump outside the water that infiltrates under the house. Should the water level raises over the limit, the sump  water pump would start automatically and restore a safe water level in the sump pit, though avoiding rain drained watter or phreatic water level to overflow in your basement.

Keep in mind that when large rain water floods the streets there might be a power outage too that might render your pump nonfunctional that ultimately leads to basement flood.

Install an UPS - Uninterpretable Power System to ensure your sump pump will work for at least an hour or two, the more the safer.


Sewage back-flow damage cost versus Back-Water Valve Installation cost

The cost for such a back-flow sewage damage can raise for a 2000sf house at $5,000-$20,000. 

The cost of Back-Water Valve is a fraction of the back-flow sewage damage.  (City rebate up to $1,250)

How Can we Help You?

Install BackWater Valve

We offer full installation of  BackWater Valves (manufactured by Mainline, in USA) on 4”sewer/sanitary or storm lines, interior or exterior installations, to prevent floods. City of Toronto has a rebate of up to $1250$ under the Basement Flooding Program


We can help getting the required Permit for you from City and we do all scheduling with City in order for a City Inspector to come and check on the installation when Backwater Valve is installed and still exposed. Also City of Mississauga offers a $750 rebate for a BackWater Valve installation and in Vaughan there is also a rebate available, up to 750$.


BackWaterValves are devices made to prevent floods, as per manufacturer requirement they should be inspected at least once a year to make sure the flapper/ gate stays clean and will work when needed. Our cost to come and clean these BWValves when required is 130$.

. Call us for more details or a FREE ESTIMATE.


Replace existing kitchen faucet and odor from the basement

We had Valentin from strong plumbing fix some plumbing issues at our old house 3 years ago where he had done a great job so getting him in for some work again was an easy choice! As usual he was right on time and upfront about the fees. We needed our kitchen taps changed which was done well and quickly! The bigger issue was that there was an odor coming from somewhere on the basement bathroom which we could figure out. He looked at many things that could have caused the odor and figured it was an issue with the way the toilet was sealed and fixed it. We are so very pleased that our basement is now odor free again! I would highly recommend strong plumbing

Gratia Malone in Etobicoke

Back Flow Preventer

Valentin was prompt and courteous. His crew showed up on time and were very neat and tidy. Dennis was incredible. I would not hesitate to recommend this company!!!!!! In fact I've already referred them to many friends and family members and everyone was very satisfied.

Json Walker in Toronto

Great workmanship, very skilled and honest...

Catherine in Mississauga

How BackWater Valve Works

Working Tools

A backwater valve also called back-flow or sewer backup valve is a special valve that is install on your sewer line with the purpose to to allow water or sewage to flow out of the house only and block the sewage to flow back towards the house, though to stop basement flooding due to back-flow sewage.


Kevin in Toronto

Backwater Valve

Valentin from Strong Plumbing Inc contacted me quickly after contacting him through the Homestars web sight. He gave me a competitive quotation and clearly explained the work that needed to be done and how much the city rebate should be. Once I had decided to go with Strong Plumbing Valentin quickly got the permit for the work, which he then emailed me a copy of. The following Tuesday his crew showed up early to accommodate my schedule. They completed the job in a very clean and professional manner. They covered the floors with drop clothes and the area around the work area with plastic to catch all of the dust. They installed the backwater valve to current plumbing codes and were on sight for the inspection which the work passed. Valentin then walked me through how to apply for the city rebate. Since they were working in my home I had Valentin fix a few other issues with pipes in our older home. They installed new plumbing to the washing machine and fixed the drain in the laundry tub, they also installed a new outside tap and shut off with a proper drain. For any future plumbing issues I will be calling Valentin and his crew.


Professional. Fast. Reliable. Find out what Strong Plumbing Inc can do for your plumbing needs. Contact us with questions, describe your project and say goodbye to your plumbing problems. Please email us or even better send a text message to (416) 258-4068. We'll try our best to get back to you ASAP, we are trying hard to really be 24/7. Your privacy is extremely important to us. The trust placed in us by our customers is absolutely essential to our success. We understand that and do all we can to earn and protect that trust. We do not share your personal information with any outside companies nor collect any information



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